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three dimensional visual of a logo created by Alex Libotte standing in the sand at sore of a lake

Agency: Monospace

Client: Signa Real Estate

Brand Identity

Signa is spearheading an impressive real estate development project in Berlin-Spandau with a focus on a variety of state of the art sustainable construction methods as well as materials. With approximately 73,000 square meters of gross floor area spread across ten buildings, this project is set to redefine the urban landscape right on the waterfront of the Havel river. The ground floors will house a vibrant mix of gastronomic establishments, tech industries and art studios, while the upper levels will offer a range of modern office spaces. A dynamic and bustling atmosphere, creating a gravitational pull that attracts both visitors and businesses alike.



One of the project's standout features is its coveted waterfront location. With a beautiful shoreline on the one hand and a dock-like harbour feeling on the other. The project harnesses the natural allure of the water, offering a unique and captivating setting.

A Vision of Progress
a yellow three dimensional sculptural logo visual floating silently and calm over the waters of the Havel river underneeth branches of a tree
a spread in a brand brochure publication showing details of the graphic design developed for the real estate brand
construction fence showing four diferent ways brand identity for the real estate company will look like using imagery of high tech work situations mixed with three dimensional logo shapes and copy stating the arrival of a new area

Inspired by the spontaneity of the Impressionist masters, we began exploring Impressionism-inspired photography as an imagery concept for the project. With each exploration, we discovered the beauty of capturing a world in flux — a world where nature and human life intertwined, and the ordinary became extraordinary, like a warm summer day at the lake.

Guided by the brand archetype of the magician, experimentation included abstract materials and optical devices like prisms and reflective foils to represent the technological and scientific side of the concept. These elements symbolise the fusion of tech and science, adding a touch of wonder and enchantment to the visual representation.

A World in Flux
three fold brochure publication showing renderings of a newly developed real estate project together with design elements from the new branding
a metalic reflective three dimensional sculptural logo visual floating amongst long leaves of grass refecting the integration of nature of the new brand
a transparent three dimensional logo shape floating in bubbles of air and water integrated in nature
conceptual gif animation showing result of experimental design process

A first step in the process was an investigative visit to the future building site. Immersing oneself in the context of a project is of paramount value in process-oriented design endeavours. It is through the immersion into the site and engagement with the area that the true essence of this project was discovered, its intricacies and nuances had been understood.

Investigative Expedition

Embarking on an inspirational journey to the Barberini Museum in Potsdam, we immersed ourselves in the captivating world of Impressionism. “The play of light, vibrant colors, and spontaneous moments captured by the masters sparked the idea that the beauty and poetry of these fleeting moments can be found along the Havel river coastline,” says Alex Libotte. “Just as the future community of the Urban Docks boutique campus will experience them.”The interplay of light and shadows, the vibrant colors, and the transient nature of moments all became principles in the creative journey.

From Masters to Metaphors

The appearance of the brand identity for Urban Docks is a result of a conceptual fusion of nature, art, science, and high-tech. The various design elements undertake the task of interpreting these aspects and collectively form the appearance of Urban Docks. The convergence of nature and high-tech can be seen, for example, in the interplay between the straight lines and organic shapes of the logo and the forms of the graphics. Drawing inspiration from the floor plans of the planned Urban Docks buildings, the logo embodies the character and essence of the project. The elements of the logo are carefully crafted to evoke the materiality of the building materials within the key visuals. This unique combination provides a glimpse into the future of this new work-life campus in Berlin, showcasing its innovative and harmonious integration of technology, design, and nature. Our imagery and branding elements serve as a gateway to the unique experience and vibrant community that Urban Docks will offer.

The Dawn of a New Area
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