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Alma is a state of mind, the essence, the spirit. It is the Portuguese word for soul and it represents the studios creative output by founder Alex Libotte, a visionary artist, designer, creative director and photographer based in Berlin. With a vast repertoire spanning across different realms of the creative industry, the arts, and image making, Alma showcases a diverse range of experimental design artefacts and international commercial projects.


Guided by a hands-on, process-driven mindset, Alma explores the boundaries of artistic experimentation for transformative creative solutions, breathing life into ideas, concepts, media and art. 

"Almamorphosis" – 2023 

Process-oriented creative – The deeper the immersion into the context of a project and its surroundings, the wider and more diverse our sources of inspiration become during the creative phase. Through a process-oriented and research-driven approach tailored to each specific project, we expand our repertoire of insights and stimuli. This abundance of resources enables us to discover unique, authentic, transformative, and innovative concepts. 

Artistic experimentation – To nurture the development of creativity, it is essential to tap into our playful creative souls. Establishing a connection to our state of flow requires incorporating the serendipitous nature of artistic experimentation methods into the creative and design process. Embracing the freedom to experiment allows for the emergence of unforeseen possibilities, granting us a unique space to engage with a project. It is within this realm of investigative play that we, as creators, seamlessly transition into the creative flow, discovering innovative ideas that push the boundaries of the obvious. By infusing our work with the spirit of artistic exploration, we unlock a universe of untapped potential.



Creative work should be a transformative experience that challenges perceptions, sparks a conversation, and leaves a lasting positive impression. Whether it’s through the innovative use of materials, the unconventional fusion of styles, or the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, we strive to create work that evokes emotion and provokes thought.

Skin care for Wöhner Industries King Air 90


Alex teaches Experimental Design and Process Oriented Creative methods at the Freie Schule für Gestaltung in Hamburg. Throughout the course he places emphasis on connecting students with a playful, curious and open mindset towards an artistic approach within the applied design process. His course is supposed to reduce the reliance on external sources for creative references, encouraging students to develop their own distinctive view on, inspiration for, and ideas from the process. 


Notebook is about interesting finds, experimentations, process made visible, the day to day in the studio. It’s like an ongoing self-portrait, part publication, part extended ‘about’ page. This format allows for a view on works outside the confines of formal presentation, offering an opportunity to talk about approach and artistic experimentations in an unrestrained way. Sharing ideas and interests that would normally go unseen. 


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