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opening image for Indusry Poety collection showing motor starter in artistic photograph

Agency: Whybrand

Photography & Webdesign

Client: Wöhner Industries

A departure from conventional industrial photography, Industry Poetry is a compilation of photographs captured through various commissioned shoots for Wöhner Industries, offering a fresh perspective on the industrial production process. With a profound belief in the power of photography as a visual branding asset, we conceptualised and executed these captivating visuals, infusing them with a unique artistic approach.

Through investigative exploration on location and the freedom given to create, Alex's photography has transformed these industrial scenes into visually stunning and poetic narratives.

Industry Poetry
artistic photograph with blue light showing automated industrial production line
architecture detail at Wöhner automated production or electron technical solutions
artistic photograph with blue light showing automated  production detail
colourful detail of architectual detail at Wöhner
abstract detail of the offices at Sinit
artistic detail of industrial switch on plastic melting machine
abstract detail of metal bending process photographed by alex libotte
abstract architectual detail in automated production hall in german industry at Wöhner
artistic architectual detail of metal construction lit in red and yellow
abstract detail in futuristic look of plastic parts for electro technical devices
automated production process shining in new light shot by alex libotte
colourful detail of modern production facility
fine art image of industrial scene with automated production of fuse holder
abstract photograph taken in research and development lab for electro technical devices
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