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layered composition of two busts cut in half and spread out on a table as a symbol of creative thought process

November 2023

Parts Of The Process

Business cards

These days one of those rainy afternoons in the studio led to modifying an Fuji Instax camera to block the light at certain areas so that essential business details could be imprinted directly into the images. A unique, tech-savvy approach adding a little awe to personal networking.

Instax Mod

composition of instax polaroid image and yellow instax camera showing the process of modifing the camera to print business details as business cards into image
photograph showing the new instax business cards for the creative design studio by alex libotte

November 2023

Fragments Of Freedom


The film invites viewers on a metalingual journey through the creative process—a mixed-media film that delves into the serendipitous journey of how ideas transform and materialize through the interconnected play of intuition, the mind, and hands.


As the film unfolds, we embark on a visual exploration of inspiration's enigmatic origins. Drawing from the familiar, we navigate the landscapes of the known, where ideas are often found in the mundane. A drop of inspiration exhibits diverse trajectories of expansion—some unfolding gradually, others with immediate fervor.


We witness the flow and organic growth of an idea as it expands, evolving into a multidimensional entity with myriad possibilities. Intuition takes the reins, and our hearts become attuned to the nascent concept. We begin ideation, opening our minds to the process, allowing thoughts to engage in a dance.


As we step into experimentation the narrative unfolds its next layer as our hands come into play. Shaping our idea gains momentum, and the resonance of our project reaches a level of vibration from which the new crystallizes—a distinct vision emerges. The film ends as disparate pieces harmonize, aligning like a puzzle, coming together into a coherent whole.


Oktober 2021

Parts Of The Process

Agency: Whybrand

Experimenting with various tangible, real materials for a virtual brand experience world. The hands-on exploration allows us to understand the material's reactions and lighting, shaping the look and feel of aesthetics for the project. Further this tactile experience becomes a conversation starter with our 3D artist, fostering a collaborative dialogue that enriches the creative process and sets a mood for the client.

Material World

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