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tall man running at a beach in rio de janeiro wearing Nike running gear as intro image for a case study for brand experience

Agency: Pharus 

Client: Nike Brazil

Brand Experience

Nike Brazil was seeking an innovative way to make market data tangible and visualize it for a presentation to the US board members, enabling them to grasp the intricacies of the Brazilian market and make informed future decisions. The objective for the team at Nike Brazil was to deliver a top-tier presentation and create something internally unprecedented in this context.

Culture and lifestyle are best understood by experiencing them firsthand. Our intention was to transport the board members to the feeling of roaming the streets of urban Brazil, all without them having to leave the meeting. A stark contrast to a conventional keynote with infographics – an experience.

We proposed an exhibition in which we would weave in the research data and predominantly showcase analog photography, tangible and authentic – providing a profound insight into culture.

The layout and elements for the exhibition are the result of the hands-on process, working in a creative flow on an exhibition model from the first day on. Client meetings on the project gathered everybody around it, and changes were made live in the model.

Transforming Data into Vision

We embarked on a journey of conversations and portraiture. Engaging with young people, we met skateboarders, visited streetball games, and found ourselves in the midst of a nocturnal breakdance battle on São Paulo's streets. We traveled to Rio de Janeiro, went surfing and ran along the coastline of Ipanema, immersing ourselves in street culture and experiencing where Nike’s products are used. We even brought in some of the street artists we met to fill the exhibition space with tags and graffiti. The exhibit was titled "It's All Ours."

Immersive Journey
urban scene of graffiti artists tagging alls at gallery for brand experience exhibition
breakdancer crew in the center of são paulo phtographed in black and white  by alex libotte

In collaboration with Nike, we decided to work with fine art and portrait photographer Marcio Simnch. Marcio predominantly employs analog cameras in his work, whether it's the 4x5 format, medium-format, or Polaroid. His remarkable approach to capturing urban life and textures, coupled with documenting youth culture, were the key reasons behind entrusting him with this project.

It's All Ours
entrance wall for brand experience exhibition at Nike
polaroids spread out for visitors on bench shwing portraits at teh nike exhibition
entrance wall for brand experience exhibition at Nike
display of artworks and research insights at brand experience exhibition shot in black and white
close up of street artist in são paulo
detail of design for brand exhibition with expressions from the local urban community
polaroids of eexhibition protagonists from  rio de janeiro
portraits on exhibition wall at brand experience exhibition showing runner in rio de janeiro
portrait of poc man in running outfit at the beach in brazil
experience space at nike brazil showing urban brazilian cuture
detail shot of worn Nike shoes at exhibition in são paulo
two young man in sportswear standing in front of  a blue painted house in a favela in brazil
polaroids of young boxer for brand experience exhibition
detail of graphic exhibition display
panels with photographs from rio de janeiro leaning against wall t Nike brazil headquaters
runner in rio de janeiro photographed for Nike exhibition
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