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Client: The Cosmic Coach

Brand Identity

The Cosmic Coach is not merely a name; it's a constellation of ideas, values, and aspirations, meticulously aligned by Adriana Takeuchi based on the fact that we humans are not separate from the cosmos, but an integral part of its design. We embarked on a journey to create a cohesive identity and an almost infinite tool box for web design and digital marketing, creating assets which encapsulate the essence of interconnectedness, awe and wonder.

An imaginative encounter between Salvador Dalí's genius and László Moholy-Nagy's innovative and interdisciplinary approach, set the scene for our experimental design process to find an enigmatic visual language, one that speaks of the universe's grand design.

Planetary Good Vibe Zone

The artwork created for The Cosmic Coach represents the magic of astrology, combining surreal touches with geometric, Bauhaus-reminiscent precision. At the center of the branding elements are dreamlike visuals, which are contrasted by collages that combine scanned images, graphic design, and abstract composition. The recurring hand is a symbol of the service, the care, and the safe space in which consultations take place.

Cosmic Fusion
black and white scanof a hand floating in space with astrological symbol displaying the path of planets
black and white cover design of lunar planner developed by Adirana Takeuchi
cover of lunar planner by Adriana Takeuchi
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